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VITA-Whole Body Care

VITA is an integrative wellness center that combines numerous wholistic therapies inside one wellness center. VITA Whole Body Care is a center that combines acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, laser lipolysis, cryotherapy, nutritional coaching, and functional movement training. Taking a complete integrative approach to treating ailments, inflammation and weight loss by combining therapies that best suited to each individual to help accomplish balance and well being.

Randy Moon Gonzales LAc PC is proud to introduce the first center of its kind offering quality wholistic healthcare to the North Shore of Long Island. Randy has been serving his patients since 2010, helping patients with their weight management, pain, and physical deficiencies. Applying forms of japanese/korean and neuromeridian acupuncture techniques along with various complementary alternatives to customize a wholistic treatment plan to each individual. At Vita, we take into consideration nutritional deficiencies within our diets and also with in our food quality, and are extremely proud to offer PURE ENCAPSULATIONS. Offering some of the highest quality pharmaceutical grade supplements, without fillers, artificial colors, flavors, NON-GMO, gluten free hypoallergenic products. With a wide selection available, Patients of VITA are offered the opportunity to obtain these products at a reduced price. Most of the vitamins and supplements suggested by Randy Moon Gonzales LAc are in stock and available during your medical visit, or can be shipped to your home. We are also able to obtain any non-stocked product within a few days of your order.